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President of the Origins Project, Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss part of the “World Changers Summit 2023”

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Dr. Lawrence M. Krauss is a globally recognized theoretical physicist whose research spans an expansive set of topics, particularly the intersection of elementary particle physics and cosmology.

His work primarily concentrates on the inception and progression of the Universe, as well as the foundational structure of matter. With an extensive portfolio, he has contributed to over 300 scientific papers and penned a number of best-selling popular science books that have resonated with readers worldwide. As an eloquent science communicator, his writing is frequently featured in esteemed magazines and newspapers.

His media presence extends to radio, television, and even cinematic appearances. Among his numerous accolades, he has been honoured with the most prestigious recognitions from three U.S. physics societies, along with a notable Public Service Award in acknowledgment of his dedication to scientific education and outreach.

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