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Transcend An intimate encounter with the future

Welcome to “Transcend,” an intimate encounter with the future.
In order to provide a common foundation for knowledge sharing and to show that science, knowledge, and faith are a common ground for evolution, IASC welcomes the international community, all enlightened governments, and nations to join forces. The “Institute for Advanced Science and Cooperation” has initiated a technological challenge with the objective of bringing digital life to two contemporary Saints, St. John Paul II and St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who have undeniably influenced our culture. The proposed concept involves creating life-size holographic avatars that precisely resemble these two historical figures and positioning them within a specific space, conversing like old friends.
Upon entering this unique realm, guests will be acknowledged in real-time by the Saints, allowing them to observe the dialogue or pose questions when appropriate. Our ultimate goal is to depict the characters realistically, fostering a three-way interaction grounded in a meticulous historical and theological reconstruction. Transcendent will be presented during the Jubilee festivities on September 5, 2025, at Vatican City during a special edition of the World Changers Summit dedicated to honoring St. Mother Teresa on the anniversary of her heavenly ascension. Subsequently, the intention is to transform it into an internationally traveling project focused on continuous development and sharing with all cocultures and nations around the world.

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  • Mrs. Feta is the Executive Direcetor of the ‘Institute for Advance Studies & Cooperation’ and has also worked for three years at the Ministry of Finance and Economy in Albania in the Treasury Department. She is well acquainted with the financial legislation on which a government operates and with the entire executive process. She also has diverse experience as an assistant lector at “Epoka University”, a jurnalist and researcher at “Albanian Enterprise Institute” and “Gramoz Pashko Institute”.