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The mayor of Wieliczka, Artur Kozioł – Guest of Honor at the “World Changers Summit 2023”

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Dr Artur Kozioł – the Mayor of Wieliczka, Poland. The world needs sustainable development based on building local social services of a modern nature. Local communities management is inseparably linked to the care of our common environment.
For 17 years he has held the position of the Mayor of Wieliczka – town famous for one of the greatest wonders of the world – the Wieliczka Salt Mine, yearly visited by over 1,5 million people.
Dr Kozioł specializes in local services management. He has also co-organized international scientific conferences regarding sustainable development based on local communities. Head of the International Council of the European Institute for Sustainable Development.
Commander Knight of the Pontifical Order of Saint Sylvester, the honour conferred on him by Pope Francis in recognition of co-organization of World Youth Day 2016 and organization of the main events at Campus Misericordiae in Wieliczka, in which 2,5 million young people took part.
In 2023, he was awarded with „The Cross of Freedom” for organising support for the Ukrainian refugees and establishing Aid Center for Ukraine in Grabie. The medal was conferred on him by Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine. Also in 2023, Ukrainian Technological Academy granted him a title of professor of social management in recognision of his work in organising conferences, education and cooperation with universities.

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