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Tim Ahmad Joins IASC a Distinguished Member and Director for Saudi Region

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IASC joyfully announces the esteemed appointment of Tim Ahmad as a distinguished member of the Board of Directors and as the Director for the Saudi Region overseeing all our groundbreaking initiatives such as the World Changers Summit Platform, which is expanding globally this year, Evolutionary Biohacking for enhancing wellness and performance, Regenesis revolutionary device, and H.I.T. quantum dot Technology. In addition, Tim Ahmad will play a vital role in advancing the most cutting-edge AI social, Ethical, and technological project “Transcend”.

Tim Ahmad’s expertise in AI and FinTech, coupled with his exceptional networking abilities and profound awareness, will play a crucial role in extending the project’s impact in Saudi Arabia. His profound insights, strong connections with stakeholders, and unwavering dedication are certain to foster the project’s success on a global scale. We are confident that Tim’s visionary leadership and unwavering dedication will harmonize the project’s objectives with the overarching mission of promoting global harmony through technology and ethical AI practices. Tim’s participation will be instrumental in shaping the strategic direction of the project, defining key milestones, timelines, and deliverables, with a special focus on Saudi Arabia.

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