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WCM Global Wealth LLC, Erik Weir part of the “World Changers Summit 2023”

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Erik Weir is the principal of WCM Global Wealth LLC, an esteemed financial advisory firm known for its diverse clientele. This includes celebrated figures from the music industry, popular cultural icons, revered professional athletes, international fashion designers, along with Forbes-listed billionaires and distinguished business proprietors.

Formerly, Weir owned WTA Media, a trailblazing entity in the fields of film marketing, financing, and literary representation. During his tenure, he accrued executive producer credits for a host of influential films and an upcoming film inspired by an acclaimed memoir. WTA Media also marketed a multitude of notable films with significant box office success and led three authors to achieve New York Times bestseller status.

In his entrepreneurial journey, Weir has contributed to the growth of Topgolf, participating in the development of numerous locations across the United States and laying the groundwork for its forthcoming European expansion.

As a recognized expert in entrepreneurship, goal-setting, real estate investment, and financial management, Weir frequently addresses major corporations nationwide. He has earned academic credentials from Georgia State University and Harvard Extension School.

He has made a significant impact in the literary world as well, penning the Amazon best-seller, Who’s Eating Your Pie? Essential Financial Advice That Will Transform Your Life.

Outside of his professional life, Weir is an accomplished martial artist and experienced multi-engine, instrument-rated pilot. As a dedicated father of five, he splits his time between Charleston and Greenville, South Carolina.


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