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A Grateful Reflection on the World Changers Summit: Advancing Ethical Technology for Global Good

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Sir. Prof. Gabriele Pao Pei Andreoli

As the president of IASC, I express my gratitude to all the distinguished “World Changers” who participated in yesterday’s assembly at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and Social Sciences in Vatican City. It was an opportunity for dialogue among enlightened minds from all corners of the earth of remarkable spiritual and ethical stature, and of study and scientific research following the indications of the Holy Father.
A day of inclusive and ethical technology development for the good of the world in the presence of His Most Eminent Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See, and His Most Eminent Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and Social Sciences, and of H. Excellency Monsignor Viganó, vice chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and Social Sciences.
There were fruitful discussions on science, technology, and future perspectives during which I presented the special Jubilee edition of the WCS 2025 “Transcend” project that represents the pinnacle of integration and technological development and study regarding A.I. for the good of the world. The opportunity to exchange ideas with such a competent assembly was a blessing for which I am deeply grateful to Divine providence.

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  • Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli

    In the dynamic realm of advanced studies and technological innovation, Sir. Dr. Professor Andreoli stands out as a remarkably influential figure. His exceptional contributions across a multitude of disciplines and sectors have earned him the prestigious Monaco 40 over 40 award, a testament to his expansive reach and lasting impact. President of the Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation, He is a professor at "Anania Shirakatsi" University of International Relations, fellow of the American Society of Diplomacy and Political Science, academician of social sciences IASS, Florida USA, researcher and honorary professor at the Catholic University of New Spain, Miami, USA. Board member at Regenesis Distribution Ltd., Board of Advisors at HeirStory, He is the founder of Evolutionary Biohacking and the World Changers Summit (Vatican City State). He has been collaborating with many governments, agencies, and public and private institutions all over the world. For his work, he has received many international awards, several titles and honors, among which are: Silver Cross, Red Cross (Italy) Medal of II class-Red Cross (San Marino) - United Nations Medal ONU UNMIK Kosovo -E.U. Medal for the mission EUMM Georgia - Knight Grand Cross of the order of Prince Danilo I of Montenegro - Knight with honors of the Sacred Constantinian Order of St. Giorgio (Naples) - Knight of the Saints Maurice and Lazzaro (Italy) - Knight grand badge Royal Order of Civil Merit of Laos - Knight of Rizal (KR) Republic of the Philippines-Golden Eagle Medal (Albania) Medal of Capistano Ordinamiento Militar de Venezuela, Knight of the order of St. Gregory the grate (Vatican State), Medal of “Dobrici” an Honorary Distinction of the Mayor of Wieliczka, Poland, the Miner's Axe (Barda górncza), given for the support of research and progress in science, Wieliczka, Poland, Knight Grand Cross of the order S. Michael of the wing (Portugal)