We are non-profit interdisciplinary research foundation, that aims to develop high-level scientific activities and supports cooperation at all levels helping institutions and private organizations to develop: international relations, cross cultural projects, financial and economic progress.


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Why to Collaborate With Us


As people’s skill sets get increasingly specialized, collaboration as a practice becomes more important than ever. But why you should collaborate with IASC? The Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation (IASC) is dedicated to the development and the research in many different levels developing projects that we consider strategic in today’s world to maximize synergic international interdisciplinary cooperation. We work with partners (institutions, private and public entities) in the most transparent and ethical way. Collaborate with us to Create a win-win-win proposition; Grow your audience; Expand your network; Accomplish more project objectives; Reduce time-to-completion; Reinforce accountability; Find a more creative approach to problems; Increase flexibility; Get more enjoyment from our Collaboration and much more.