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AI & Gamification Positive Resources/ Prof. Andreoli Speaker at the “Online Casino Summit Italia”

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The Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation is going to be part of “Online Casino Summit Italia,” represented by the Honorary President, Prof. Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli.

Prof. Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli, as the Senior Consultant of Ibiscus Strategic, will talk and share in the panel discussions the importance of Gamification (the strategic attempt to enhance systems, services, organizations, and activities by creating similar experiences to those experienced when playing games in order to motivate and engage users) in Evolutionary biohacking, health services and some cures. On the AI front he will talk about about the possibility of AI and compare it to the greatest adaptive complex system of all the human.

The Online Casino Summit Italia brings together 50 key speakers from leading authorities, operators, investors, and advisers from the gaming ecosystem to seek up-to-date news on the online gaming industry, as well as provide opportunities to build your network.

This is an opportunity to gain more insight into the current political climate of online gaming in Italy, such as what it means now that there are iGaming license extensions. Discovering whether there is room for gaming in the metaverse and if cryptocurrency payment is really the future of online gaming. Industry leaders will discuss how to take charge of SEO in Google’s dynamic re-optimisation of the SERPs as well as answer how to optimize casino content for Google Discover and Google News.

In the end, participants will understand more about the booming online gaming world and how they can be a part of it. The Online Casino Summit Italia allows those are looking to enter in this region or to expand their market the opportunity to position their brand via a selection of sponsorship and exhibition packages. Networking breaks are available between key speeches to assist participants in building a contact list.

The Online Casino Summit Italia promised to be a not-to-miss event catered to those with a vested interest in the Italian market. The summit provide engaging discussions, an insightful agenda, and valuable networking opportunities to the audience.


*The Online Casino Summit Italia will be held May 4–5, 2023, in Rome, Italy.

For more you can follow the link: www.eventus-international.com

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