Marco Polo Experience

Marco Polo Experience is our online magazine where we share with our friends news from all over the world with our own Global Views & Business Strategies perspective. Our main interests are focus in next Dubai EXPO2020, international PROJECTS, INVESTMENT… Continue reading Marco Polo Experience

Carter & Capital

We have a fantastic opportunity to create a better future through the understanding of complex systems, advanced studies, and cooperation. I cannot stress enough how important interdisciplinary international collaboration is in order to broaden our horizons and achieve a multi-vision… Continue reading Carter & Capital

Secure Path

Secure Path has developed and brought to market a unique technology that ensures total privacy of communications and personal data. End-to-end encryption applied to telephony and online communication systems is the flagship of Secure Path. The smartphone with the most… Continue reading Secure Path


From the center of the Mediterranean, and more precisely from Palermo as a city of peace and hospitality, the proposal starts, addressed to other 1000 cities in the world that share the same vocation, to set up an open study… Continue reading MOSAIC OF PEACE

Innova – Business Coach

INNOVA is an innovative Start-up that deals with Digital Transformation and innovative technologies. Among the various most important projects: digitization of the Orthodox Church Of The Nativity of Arbanasi (Veliko Tarnovo – Bulgaria) and most important project in Malta, Emirates… Continue reading Innova – Business Coach