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Carter & Capital

We have a fantastic opportunity to create a better future through the understanding of complex systems, advanced studies, and cooperation. I cannot stress enough how important interdisciplinary international collaboration is in order to broaden our horizons and achieve a multi-vision approach and solutions to any kind of wicked problem. IASC is a nonprofit foundation, and we stand for integrity, ethics, and collaboration, as you know. Thanks to our incredible partners, we are focusing more and more on cybersecurity, blockchain, cryptography, and the metaverse.

A key partner in this process is Carter Capital, a risk-managed, multi-strategy crypto asset management company. The results we are seeing thanks to their experience and teamwork are extensive. With Carter, we are collaborating with some governments to create and implement legislation on blockchain. We are also looking into sovereign funds and helping administrations and institutions to enter in the best possible, safe way into this fascinating opportunity. Denisa Kele, IASC Blockchain team management leader, can be reached at d.kele@iascoop.org and works directly with Carter, CEO and Chairman.

At IASC, another key factor in the decision to accept Carter as a preferred partner was that Carter never received assets from investors. Investors retain custody of their capital at all times, meaning Carter never has the ability to remove funds from investors. Carter simply integrates into investors’ own crypto wallets via an API. Carter aims to return 100% p.a to its clients via low-risk strategies, across all the strategies.

Carter has four investment strategies. Investors can allocate their funds to these strategies in any weighting and there is no requirement to invest in all four.


Carter will create a bespoke long term Crypto portfolio, based on specific risk appetite & time horizon. Carter can alter the risk/return profile of each clients’ portfolio, as per their preferences.Net returns achieved for a moderate risk/return profiled portfolio:2020: 124%, 2021: 107%


Repeat the rewards of Crypto mining, Carter’s in-house operation, based in Dubai, UAE. Projected annual returns approx. 100%.


Benefit from our in-house algorithmic trading strategy, backed by powerful machine learning & technology. Net returns achieved: 2019: 99%, 2020: 259%, 2021: 150%.


Gain exposure to DeFi Staking rewards via an algorithmically optimized strategy. Projected Annual Returns approx. 200%.

If you want more info on carter capital please contact them directly at +971 58 153 6174 info@catercapital.one.