From the center of the Mediterranean, and more precisely from Palermo as a city of peace and hospitality, the proposal starts, addressed to other 1000 cities in the world that share the same vocation, to set up an open study committee that can arrive at the formulation of a proposal for rewriting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in compliance with the UN 2030 agenda and its objectives

Individuals and organizations can join the initiative both in economic terms and through their participation in the study committee, becoming one of the 1000 tiles of the artistic installation “Mosaic of Peace”, which will symbolize a new model of cooperation between the citizens of the world and transparent management of resources.

To realize a new “Decentralized International City”, where dialogue between all the cultures of the Mediterranean and the World can flourish as a precondition for the socio-economic development of its “Citizens”.

The Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation is happy to have “Mosaic of Peace” as a partner, because they are not only in line with their polices but we would like to promote them project and participate in the realization of the new “Decentralized International City”.