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ArmosiA – Innovation for communication

ArmosiA has decades of experience in film promotion, product and media placement, and co-marketing. She has always been attentive to new communication trends and has expanded her boundaries in digital and content marketing, in new media, and in unconventional advertising. Through continuous research, you are able to optimize any type of advertising investment.

ArmosiA makes use of qualified technical workshops in art direction, web design, and project and exhibition management.


Armosia has been an industry leader for years in co-marketing activities between large companies and the main film majors on the occasion of the most important films. The aim is to increase the awareness of the upcoming films and enhance the brands through promotional activities and exclusive contents for an original and creative communication.


We always dedicate new solutions and strategies to each project, tailored to the customer and the network. An integrated communication ecosystem based on the careful analysis of data and user flows, modeling each idea in order to enhance the experience and brand image.


Attention to new trends and the continuous training of our professionals are essential elements of the company policy. The care of the image and the detailed study of the contents, merge in our agency with innovation, allowing our creations to be tailored to the needs of each client.


For years, we have been dealing with all the aspects that characterize the event, intended not only as a special event, but also as a direct and complementary communication strategy with respect to traditional advertising.


We organize end-to-end prize competitions and loyalty programs in line with company objectives, preserving a consistent brand identity and monitoring results in real time.


Competence and creativity are the basis of our projects and represent the keywords of our curriculum. We study and implement communication projects using clear language that explains the real value of each customer.

Website: www.armosia.com