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Marco Polo Experience

Marco Polo Experience is our online magazine where we share with our friends news from all over the world with our own Global Views & Business Strategies perspective.

Our main interests are focus in next Dubai EXPO2020, international PROJECTS, INVESTMENT opportunities, global CHALLENGES, GREEN economy, dream TRAVEL, cool LIFESTYLE, with our ITALIA always in our heart.

Patrizia Marin, founder and chairman of this concept, is the modern version of Marco Polo and his adventurous life. Globetrotter, Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, Journalist, University Lecturer, Coach, Speaker, and more.

Patrizia has a degree in Political Science and International Law, with expertise in marketing and communications, and she’s fluent in many languages.

An indefatigable traveler, her curiosity and passion have led her down her own Silk Road. Inspired by Marco Polo and from the same region of Venice, she has showcased the best of the dolce vita Italian taste and lifestyle. Creative in her storytelling and strategic in her applied analytical skills, she has matched business opportunities and culture, advising leading companies from the best in Italian and global industry.

A former advisor to some of Italy’s Prime Ministers, Patrizia has been a consultant to a Vatican Foundation and many international companies across a broad range of sectors, primarily in logistics, textiles, luxury goods, food & wine, and sports.

She teached Leadership and International Relations at the IULM University of Milan and gave conferences and seminars around the world.

Patrizia is a talented ambassador of Italy’s beauty and industry, as she enjoys the Italian lifestyle, with its simple quality of life, never forgetting good friends, food, and wine.

Patrizia’s experience took shape into Marco Polo Services, a variety of business services at your disposal to grow your business all over the world.