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IASC part of Future Innovation Summit/ “EvolutionaryBiohacking – The new Applications and Integrated Solutions

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The Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation focuses on new technology and cross collaboration, and we are deeply involved in the development on protocols and projects that are focused on cybersecurity, crypto, and human wellbeing, the environment and the preservation of cultural heritage. Precondition to all human activities is a well performing mind and body. EvolutionaryBiohaclking stands for rejuvenation, antifragility, longevity, consciousness, performance, awareness.

Our project on “EvolutionaryBiohacking” involves a number of extraordinary scientist, engineers, entrepreneurs, technology and innovative startups. For the first time we will bring a full presentation of our incredible protocols and solutions to maximize human performance in all environments and condition to a single event “The Future Innovation Summit”. The 19th of October 2022 we have been invited by the founder Adnan Al Noorani in Dubai to have a panel on this important and revolutionizing matter that is at the base of all human activities and is generating more interest than anything else with a fasting growing market and demand.

Our scientific team will be represented by Prof. Alessandro Pumpo, who will explain the marvel of a new understanding of the complex system that we call generically “the body”. He will talk about methodology and the protocols, the amazing present research and the fantastic near future. The president of the Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation, Prof. Andreoli will talk about the wonderful work behind EvolutionaryBiohacking, the disrupting new technology, the synergies, the opportunity to invest and build a better future, the new clinics and brands that are standing for excellency. The new applications and integrated solutions. cooperation and interdisciplinary work is once again the key factor.

Together, we are building an incredible community that strives to push forward the boundaries of common knowledge and experience.

“Future Innovation Summit” is a two-day event designed to bring the best minds in the world of innovation.

Join us at the third edition of “Future Innovation Summit” on October 19th

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