S.T.D Archive 

With the S.T.D Archive project We have created extensive archives for the preservation and digitalization of historical texts and in particular of documents and books on the ancient Egyptian Kingdom

S.T.D Research

S.T.D is a research initiative aimed at validating historical data. Our goal is to establish a sound foundation for comprehending cultures and making informed forecasts about future events.

The Garbage Patch State -Wasteland

The Garbage Patch State -Wasteland is an ongoing transmedia, environmental artwork by Maria Cristina Finucci. The project aims to raise awareness about the environmental hazard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch


Regenesis is a wellbeing technology that delivers action through an easy-to-use mobile APP. The REGENESIS device is paired with a simple touch (via NFC protocol), to the APP itself. 


iDio is a tech-platform with a significant spiritual inclination, which highlighted the key role that the Christian and Catholic community assumes in the technological fields.

Youth Rise Up

Youth Rise Up a technological platform to provide young people with online learning opportunities, promoting solidarity, inclusion, immersive art and digital literacy.​


The World Changers Summit Starting in august 2023 the WCS is IASC way of bringing together entrepreneurs, researchers and international leaders, from different field to discuss possible scenarios, new discoveries and technologies for the creation of a better, healthier and… Continue reading WCS

Europe Drive

The “Balkan Drive” project aims to develop the capacity of HEIs in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia, countries that are of strategic importance for the economic development of the region. IASC is developing this project in order to improve… Continue reading Europe Drive