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John Karony

Heralded as a prodigious entrepreneur, inventor, and CEO, John Karony has etched his name among the elite Monaco 40 under 40 winners for his ground-breaking achievements in the realms of decentralized finance, cybersecurity, and blockchain. As the visionary founder of SafeMoon, he has been instrumental in bringing to life technologies that hold the promise of transforming the world.

John perceives blockchain technology as an unparalleled avenue for constructing purpose-driven solutions that leave a lifelong positive imprint on society. Under his astute guidance, SafeMoon has burgeoned into a global powerhouse, operating across continents in notable locations within the United Kingdom and the United States.

Adept at leading his team to create industry-defining, user-centric products, John has been the driving force behind innovations such as Orbital Shield. This pioneering creation consists of a familiar yet accessible login system that eschews personal data retention, safeguarding user information even in the face of security breaches.

Asserting his company’s distinctiveness, John proudly declares, “At SafeMoon, we don’t merely ride the cutting edge—we craft it ourselves, perpetually distinguishing our unique identity.”

Before embarking on his trailblazing journey in the Web3 industry, John honed his resilience and adaptability during his tenure in the US military. His experience navigating challenging operational scenarios has proven invaluable in the tempestuous world of cryptocurrency, where maintaining composure and agility is crucial.

An ardent champion for civil rights, social change, and economic empowerment. John and his dedicated team relentlessly pursue the development of industry-leading products that amplify societal impact through the genius of technological innovation.

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