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Excmo. Mons. Benito Adan Mendez Bracamonte: The Importance of Tolerance and Peace in Opening of Different Cultures to Science

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After successfully hosting the first-ever Future Innovation Summit in October 2021, The Private Office of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi announced that they are launching the 2nd edition of the Future Innovation Summit on 11th & 12th May 2022. They are bringing the most famous and knowledgeable speakers into one place to discuss what the future is waiting for all of us. They will highlight such topics as space technologies, a digital breakthrough in the metaverse, and sustainable solutions for a brighter future for humanity.

In the age of cultural turmoil and misunderstanding we are living in, IASC deems that is important to talk about tolerance, peace and the opening of different cultures to science . We can turn them into an advantage of the cultured age. Tolerance and peace help us to put up with those who have diverse traditions and thoughts, distinct philosophies and point of views and cannot accept the rule of the science in society progress. Among these changes it is important to awareness the different cultures for science importance. A field in which the Vatican has made great strides with the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, which aims to promote the progress of mathematical, physical and natural sciences, and the study of epistemological problems related to them. It is international in scope, multi-racial in its composition, and non-sectarian in the election of its members.

IASC tries to develop through its projects the ability to tolerate the opinion or behavior of other people and to accept the rule of a science for living a peaceful life. If we practice patience in our every actions and deed, speech and behavior, it will lead to peace. Otherwise, it would be an atmosphere of disagreement and confusion.

To talk about the work of  Pontifical Academy of Sciences, at the Future Innovation Summit 2022, the special speaker from our Institute is Excmo. Mons. Benito Adan Mendez Bracamonte, Military Bishop of Venezuela, of Vatican City.

Its important to know, that the Vatican has, in fact, the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the work of which includes six major areas: basic sciences, science and technology of global problems, science of the problems of the developing world, science policy, bioethics, epistemology. This means that the Church, from the Vatican, is open to scientific advances, despite the thinking of many people who believe otherwise.

With this, he demonstrates to the world his position before science, but not just any science, but one that is open to the service of man, to help solve his problems, framed mainly in service and, of course, in love for God and others. brothers. In the specific case of the University, we must remember that the term University means universal, and in this it resembles the term Catholic, which is also universal as is our Holy Church.

“The Pope and the Church in general, all of us who are with God, also want the most defenseless and vulnerable to be protected, who can be affected by the indiscriminate and improper use of technology, since there is much exploitation of innocent beings in this particular, while unscrupulous beings enrich themselves at their expense. In this regard, the Pope affirms in Laudato Si: “A technological and economic development that does not leave a better world and an integrally superior quality of life cannot be considered progress” (LS 194).” – says Excmo. Mons. Benito Adan Mendez Bracamonte.

According to him, the Church knows perfectly well that today’s culture is increasingly marked by communication. They are open to receiving all kinds of suggestions on the use of technology and to supporting it in the implementation of new structures and projects in the Vatican, always in order to be closer to people and increase the missionary dimension of the Church.

Excmo. Mons. Benito Adan Mendez Bracamonte will held his speach at 03:00 PM – 03:20 PM, 11th of  May 2022 at Meydan Hotel, Dubai.

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