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First day of the Future Innovation Summit/Andreoli: Cooperation and Interdisciplinary work is once again the key factor

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The first day of the Future Innovation Summit took place in Grand Hyatt – Dubai, United Arab Emirates, bringing together the most knowledgeable minds in the fields of Smart Cities, Metaverse, eSports, Law & Regulation, Frequencies in Space, and many other fields will be speaking at this event.

IASC was part of the Summit, represented by the president Prof. Andreoli who talked about the wonderful work behind “EvolutionaryBiohacking“, the disrupting new technology, the synergies, the opportunity to invest and build a better future, the new clinics and brands that are standing for excellency.

Our project “EvolutionaryBiohacking” involved a number of extraordinary scientist, engineers, entrepreneurs, technology and innovative start-ups. For the first time IASC brought a full presentation of our incredible protocols and solutions to maximize human performance in all environments and condition to a single event.

“The new applications and integrated solutions, cooperation and interdisciplinary work is once again the key factor.” – said Prof. Andreoli.

Moreover, Prof. Alessandro Pumpo, a member of the IASC scientific team, spoke on the marvel of a new understanding of the complex system we often refer to as “the body.” He talked about methodology and the protocols, the amazing present research and the fantastic near future.

Adnan Al Noorani the Chairman of the Future Innovation Summit and the Chairman of the Board of Leo Investment and D1 Technologies. The is the third successful edition, which attracted a number of high-end personalities.

Today is the second day of the Summit, where International speakers are sharing their ideas and vision on how we can collaborate and improve the lives of humankind.

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