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Future Innovation Summit 2022/Andreoli: We are facing what it has been define as “the last human challenge”

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Professor Andreoli is a speaker at the “Future Innovation Summit” 11th-12th of May – Dubai,  where he will speak about the importance of strategic cooperation between governments, agencies, public and private institutions around the world. The work of Andreoli as a strategic advisor is based on the study of complex adaptive systems, cyber security, communications and blockchain are some of his main interests. For his work he has received several title and honors around the world.

In this summit, Andreoli wants to make things a little more special, talking about our space navigation, discovering new dimensions, creating the digital world and the possibility of making history.

“ I cannot stress out enough, how important it is interdisciplinary collaboration, in order to achieve a broaden horizon a multi vision approach, and solutions to any kind of wicked problems. We are facing what it has been define by many as “the last human challenge”. Technology taking over, putting an end to human civilization” – says Andreoli.

Professor Andreoli sees the danger, but also the opportunity that we still have to learn from neuroscience, systemic and quantum biology and to reach in a positive way.

“…communication is the key, that’s why we are define as an “information society”. Codes are at the base of everything, finance, genetics, engineering… simple but not easy, because codes can be misunderstood, cracked, manipulated, badly replicated (that’s why we aged) In a world that is going at hyper speed, fantastic communications and infrastructures are created in a zip, but fragility can be just too great of a problem.” – explains he.

According to Andreoli, this “information society” is based more and more on technology, on the artificial intelligence, on the digital and virtual reality as the so called “Metaverse” gains popularity and invades the physical world, vulnerability grows exponentially. It is not just a psychological dependency it has become physical, it is changing the way we function, we are becoming dependent from our own technology.

No one is exempt from manipulations, no one is safe from cyber-attacks, no one is secure from the misuse of personal data, no one is immune to abuse from the digital supremacy of dominating bodies. Therefore, Andreoli invites for a common safe base where to advance independent discussions, platforms and projects where to experiment and get to know each other, we need competent ambassadors of good will.

“We should have the courage to create a digital United Nation. And when I say we, I mean everyone!”– says Andreoli.

With the “Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation” they are often in the middle, a very uncomfortable position at times, but essential in order to really understand and serve the creative process, to engage in brake brought events and discoveries. He hopes to make his point clear and invites everyone to join, to believe in sharing and creating opportunities, and to let theobstacles become the way.

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