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H.I.T. Malaria

With 249 million cases recorded globally and 608,000 malaria-related deaths, the task of combating this parasite remains monumental. However, with remarkable strides in Holographic Information Transfer technology and our collaboration with REGENESIS, we stand poised to meet this challenge head-on. Join our vibrant community of extraordinary individuals as we endeavor to provide universal, aordable healthcare, safeguard the environment, and elevate and harmonize human existence. Together, we possess the power to transform the world, save countless lives, and forge a more sustainable and advanced society. We are enthusiastic about exploring the myriad applications of this groundbreaking technology across diverse sectors, including agriculture, wellness, GVHD, autoimmune diseases, and potentially even oncology. Together, let’s embark on this journey towards a brighter, healthier future.

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  • Mrs. Feta is the Executive Direcetor of the ‘Institute for Advance Studies & Cooperation’ and has also worked for three years at the Ministry of Finance and Economy in Albania in the Treasury Department. She is well acquainted with the financial legislation on which a government operates and with the entire executive process. She also has diverse experience as an assistant lector at “Epoka University”, a jurnalist and researcher at “Albanian Enterprise Institute” and “Gramoz Pashko Institute”.