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The Evolutionary Biohacking project

In early July, the Pontifical Academy of Science in Vatican City played host to an event set to reshape the future of scientific exploration, were IASC presented the newly published book “Evolutionary Biohacking: The Rise of A.I. in Regenerative Science. As Sir Prof Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli himself eloquently states, “Evolutionary Biohacking is a holistic and powerful way to manage your body, ‘spirit’ and mind, an interesting approach to life, to higher performance, wellbeing, and happiness and consciousness expansion, that can give you up to 200% more memory and productivity, 400% more creativity.” IASC has endorsed from the very beginning “The Evolutionary Biohacking project” building a powerful interdisciplinary platform for new combined regenerative therapies. The used of Holographic Information Transfer, like many other innovative technologies is revolutionizing the field of wellbeing, but it is only by using an holistic scientific approach and having the capability of combining many different protocols, ancient knowledge and new know-hows that a real difference can be made. It is not easy to navigate the world of aesthetic, cosmetic performance and wellbeing. Poor quality, manipulation and disinformation too often are at the center of malpractice, risky or non-effective therapies, useless or unsafe technology. The Evolutionary Biohacking project continues to push the boundaries of interdisciplinary scientific research, monitoring this fast growing market, collecting and elaborating data offering ethic and professional support to institutions and the private sector.

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