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Leonardo Pelagotti

Leonardo Pelagotti is a breathing coach, biohacker, advanced instructor of the Wim Hof Method, Master Coach Oxygen Advantage, Kung-Fu Shaolin black belt, Animal Flow Movement Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Former National Gymnast. Leonardo is the CEO of Inspire Academy and Inspire Potential.

He is passionate about the power of the breath and never stops experimenting with the benefits of breathing exercises. He guides using the same methods that have changed his life as well as his perception of its latent potential. Also, has coached thousands of people in Europe to regain control of their breathing, a gateway to biohacking and human potentials, such as high-level athletes and sports teams in France and Italy, the Italian special forces, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and all people who want to express their full potential.

Leonardo Pelagotti will be a speaker at the “World Changers Summit 2023”, which will be held on July 5th at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Vatican City.

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