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Malak Al Akiely

Malak Al Akiely is the advisor of “World Changers Summit 2023” and is doing an extraordinary job of bringing together international leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world from the fields of blockchain; cybersecurity; biohacking and wellbeing; artificial intelligence and metaverse, finance; green economy et cetera.

She is Founder and Managing Director of Golden Wheat for Grain Trading, Ltd., represents first class international Grain Trading companies for supplying Grains to Jordan with over 14 years of experience in agricultural commodities trading with focus on food abundance, food security, Sustainable Agriculture and Business Development. Golden Wheat works to meet the regional expanded demand of grains commodities in MENA; Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, &Saudi Arabia. Portfolio of commodities includes Wheat & feedstuff.

Also, Malak is Co-Managing Partner in Golden Kayan for Marketing Consulting Co. for Oil, Energy & Renewable Energy; is Appointed as Ambassador to Commodity Trading Club, Geneva, Switzerland.

Member of Board of Trustees in the German- Jordanian University, Jordan; Member in the committee of the first “National Entrepreneurship Council “in Jordan for improving National Strategy and implantation plan by Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship.

Board Member in the “Excellence Center for Entrepreneurship projects”, Jordan University of Science & Technology.

Advisory Board Member of TOOL (The Ocean Opportunity Lab), Norway; Founding & board Member of “Jordan Economic Forum”, a forum consist of prominent economic figures & parliament members to foster economic growth and moving towards the objectives of sustainable development.

Selected to Participate in ALPs (Austria Leadership program 14th Edition) in Austria along with 25 aspiring leaders in their fields from all over the world with Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs.

Featured in two TV programs documenting successful female stories, Skynews and Abu Dhabi TV, UAE; Selected and featured as inspiring story of IVLP (International Visitor Leadership program) alumni on the US department of States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs website as part of the 80 #FacesofExchange campaign in celebration of the IVLP 80th anniversary.

Have been selected as one of the Top Ten Young P ersons of the W orld by Junior Chamber International (JCI) in August 2019; Have been selected as a Young Global Leader (YGL), class of 2017, an honor bestowed by the World Economic Forum.

First Jordanian women to cross 80 degrees’ north pole, Founding Member in FutureTalks, Norway and went to the Arctic Expedition with 100 brilliant people from all sectors and all continents, exploring the Arctic and engaging in the most important discussions of our time.

Keynote Speaker at Oslo Innovation week with DNB Bank, Norway about Theme “Sustainability as Competitive Advantage” & also at Professional Women Norway “Shifting Diversity Gear”.

Partner and Business Development consultant on Oil and Aviation investment projects in East Africa; Have been selected by U.S. Deparment of States, United States of America to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program, “Entrepreneurship as the Engine of Prosperity and Stability: Women Fostering Economic Security.

With the aim of sharing how people can improve their quality of life through a new and personalized approach, now Ms. Malak is engaged as advisor in the organization at the “World Changers Summit 2023”, which will be held on July 5th at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Vatican City.

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  • Mrs. Feta is the Executive Direcetor of the ‘Institute for Advance Studies & Cooperation’ and has also worked for three years at the Ministry of Finance and Economy in Albania in the Treasury Department. She is well acquainted with the financial legislation on which a government operates and with the entire executive process. She also has diverse experience as an assistant lector at “Epoka University”, a jurnalist and researcher at “Albanian Enterprise Institute” and “Gramoz Pashko Institute”.