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Daniela Nuti Ignatiuk

Member of the Advisory Board WCS

Daniela Nuti Ignatiuk is a naturopath, personal trainer, lifestyle coach, and biohacker who helps people express the best of themselves to improve the quality of their lives. Always passionate about wellness, she began her career as a manager for American multinationals of high-end cosmetics, specializing in marketing and the development and management of SPAs. Her passion for wellness led her to create the first consultancy company for SPAs in Italy in 2000 to help them create their own identity and offer the best services for their clients, dealing with every organizational aspect, including staff training.

She has studied naturopathy with a psychosomatic orientation in depth. With the experiences, knowledge, and passion acquired, she created DNA22, a company that deals with making people and professionals (doctors and elite athletes) aware of and bringing innovative devices and technology that help find one’s wellness in a natural, respectful, and non-invasive way, creating the DNA22 protocol, unique in the world, to improve the health of cells through technology, supplementation, and lifestyle. The meeting with the major world exponents of biohacking led her to embrace this philosophy, first applying it to upon itself, experimenting with technologies, breathing techniques, etc., and later using its principles, applying them also to the people she follows in her profession.

For Daniela, movement is a foundation of well-being and health, and she has always looked for the best practices to use it as a tool to obtain a high degree of well-being. This is why she brought the Waff method to Italy: special ergonomic cushions for proprioceptive, neuromuscular, and effective training; opening the first Waff studio in Italy; and becoming the first Italian Waff Master Trainer Certification.

Now, Daniela, as a biohacker, naturopath, personal trainer, and lifestyle coach, helps people who want to improve themselves through her Better Self DesignTM method, which encompasses all her experiences and her vision of well-being, which cannot be separated from a correct lifestyle, from movement, and from technology, combined with the biohacking philosophy.

Daniela loves sport, nature, movement, and her family, and she always loves putting herself to the test. Daniela improves people’s quality of life through a new and personalized approach, with extraordinary results.