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Miss Shevon L. Harris-Holyfield

Advisory board member

Shevon Harris-Holyfield stands as a paragon in the legal world, celebrated for her expansive knowledge and unwavering dedication. An alumna of California State University, Shevon earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. With an insatiable drive to delve deeper into the realm of law, she pursued and obtained her Doctor of Law (JD) from the esteemed Saint Louis University School of Law in 1995.

As a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit, Shevon founded the Harris Law Firm, where she specialized in family law and garnered a reputation for her commitment to justice and family values. Today, she’s ascended to new professional heights as a Partner at Lewis Rice LLC in Saint Louis, Missouri. This prestigious law firm, boasting a roster of over 150 esteemed attorneys, is enriched by Shevon’s expertise and leadership.

In 2022, her personal life was illuminated by her union with boxing icon Evander Holyfield, a momentous occasion that mirrors her life’s many triumphs. A recognized advocate for women in leadership roles, Shevon captivated audiences as a keynote speaker at the Forbes Monaco Power Women’s Summit in 2021.

Beyond the courtroom, Shevon’s philanthropic endeavors are a testament to her generous spirit. She’s championed numerous charitable initiatives, including the CatWalk FurBaby fundraiser during the 2023 New York Fashion Week in NYC.

As a speaker at the summit, attendees can anticipate a synthesis of Shevon’s rich professional journey, from founding her own firm to her current influential role at Lewis Rice LLC, paired with personal insights and her heartfelt dedication to societal betterment.