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“World Changers Summit 2024”at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Vatican: Pioneering a Brighter Tomorrow

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The Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation (IASC) will organize the third edition of the World Changers Summit on May 29, 2024, at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Vatican City.

Vision and Purpose

The summit aims to create a brighter tomorrow by assembling visionary global leaders at the forefront of their respective domains. These brilliant minds are eager to impart their knowledge to develop a sustainable and healthier world. The amalgamation of top-notch information and cross-disciplinary networking will give rise to a novel awareness and comprehension of our existence and potential. This is a pivotal moment in history for individuals dedicated to making a positive impact.

Main Topics

Artificial Intelligence: Applications and Risk Management

AI’s transformative potential is evident in various areas, such as customer service, brand management, operations, and organizational culture. Recently, its applications have expanded to include risk management and compliance. However, the deployment of AI can introduce new hazards, such as amplifying biases or generating incomprehensible judgments. While integrated audit software systems are necessary to oversee current and future risks, is this all we need?

Technology: Current Status and Innovations

Some notable advancements include:

  • The Metaverse: Blurring the lines between digital and physical worlds, with applications ranging from medical treatments to organizing farmers and boosting productivity.
  • Hydrogen Engines: Gaining traction as a sustainable energy source for high-performance cars and everyday use.
  • Geothermal Energy: Emerging as a viable option for achieving unlimited and sustainable energy.
  • Cybersecurity: Crucial for maintaining trust and protecting national security in our increasingly technology-dependent world.
  • Digital Technologies: Promoting food sustainability and addressing food insecurity.

Speakers and Honorary Guests

AM Session:

Sir Prof. Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli, IASC President

H. Most Rev. Card Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, Chancellor of the Pontificia Academia Scientiarum Socialium

H. Most Rev. Card Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See

Master of Ceremony: Sir Dustin Plantholt

  • Project Mohalla: Learning From the Past (Marco Chioffi)
  • International Diplomacy (Mark Anthony King)
  • Church and Technology (Martina Luise)
  • Transcend: An Intimate Encounter With the Future (Gabriele Pao-Pei Andreoli)
  • Building the Future (Aldo Sollazzo)
  • Heritage: Blockchain for Secure Investments (Dorian Husi)
  • Sustainable Fashion (Valeria Mangani, President of Sustainable Fashion)
  • The Metaverse for Good (Alena Yudina, Founder of EmTech)
  • Understanding Medical Science (Laurent Hérault, CEO of Clinatec Endowment Fund)
  • Our Bodies Remember (Christina Rahm, Serial Entrepreneur)
  • HIT Technology: The Making of Regenesis (Dario Spera, Researcher and Founder of Regenesis)
  • Stem Cell and Innovation (Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Johns Hopkins-trained M.D., Author & Researcher)
  • Beyond Human Limits: AI in Biohacking (Matteo Cerboneschi, CEO of NextGenoiminx)
  • Family Values (Jessica Word, CEO at Word & Brown)
  • Youth Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship (Donessa Arbas)
  • Living Together (Andrea Bertuzzi)
  • A New Concept of Living Space (Alex Zagrebelny)

PM Session:

  • Another Reality (Dave Crane)
  • Everyone Has a Story (Dustin Plantholt, Founder of HeirStory)
  • A Sustainable Future (Max Zammit, Mayor of Ta’ Xbiex)
  • Codex Universalis (Robert Grant, TV Host & Polymath)
  • Your Voice Matters (Beth Mikel, CEO of Reign of Unity)
  • Being Different (Faith Alyssa Malton, Humanitarian)
  • The Beginning (Queen Diambi Kabatusuila, Goodwill Ambassador)
  • Beauty Surrounds Us (Marcos Marin, Artist)
  • Unity in Diversity (Kirill Vekhov, M&A Specialist)
  • Organic-Functional, Individual, and Sociatric Medicine (Sergio Bevilacqua, Clinical Sociologist)
  • Past, Present, and Future (Julia Golding, Author)
  • Impact Starts With You (Keith Dorsey, Managing Partner at Boyden)

Special Performances:

Internationally renowned singer Giuseppe Tedeschi will celebrate Passion in the conference hall.

Internationally renowned singer Maria Ratckova will celebrate Passion in the conference hall.

About the World Changers Summit (WCS)

The WCS series addresses various subjects and serves as a state of mind, a platform for enhancing and sharing knowledge, expanding consciousness, and reaching beyond boundaries. These VIP summits are by invitation only and are meticulously curated to bring together forward-thinking minds from diverse fields. Each speaker, distinguished in their domain, has a concise 10 minutes to share insights.

More than just an academic conclave, the WCS is a celebration of collaborative thought, where scholarship meets humanity, and ideas are both profound and personal. Upcoming forums include the World Changers Power Women’s Summit on July 5th and the World Changers Evolutionary Biohacking and World Changers Economic Forum on dates to be announced. We invite you to be more than a spectator—be an active voice in this symphony of change.


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