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World Changers Summit was a day to remember, biohacking evolutionary on the spot

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On July 5th  numerous brilliant minds from around the globe convened at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Vatican City-State, united in their mission to collectively mold a brighter future.

The recent World Changers Summit, held at the prestigious Pontifical Academy of Sciences in Vatican City-State, was a captivating gathering of brilliant minds all dedicated to crafting a brighter future.

Spearheaded by Prof. Gabriele Andreoli, President of the IASC – Institute for Advance Studies and Cooperation, the event brought together a diverse ensemble of world-changers. Prof. Andreoli shared, “Our aim was to unite diverse voices in a shared commitment to creating a brighter future, and we’ve indeed succeeded.”

The grand inauguration by H. E. Rev. Cardinal Peter K.A. Turkson set the stage, and Sir Dustin Plantholt, our warm and engaging Master of Ceremonies, nurtured a contagious energy throughout. “Facilitating such inspiring conversations among the world’s brightest minds was truly a privilege,” Dustin remarked.

The day began with Dr. Michael Tjalve, Chief AI Architect at Microsoft Philanthropies, discussing “The Social Fabric and AI Equity as a Foundational Tenet.” Yet, the keynote address by Joe Foster, the innovative founder of Reebok, emerged as the highlight, underscoring the vital role entrepreneurs play in sparking change.

All attendees received an advance copy of Prof. Andreoli’s forthcoming book, “Evolutionary Biohacking”, providing an intellectual keepsake. The Evolutionary Biohacking sessions stood out, featuring Dario Spera’s talk on “Holographic Information Transfer” and Rowena Gates’ insights on body repair—both mind-blowing and revolutionary in scope.

The day culminated with the awards ceremony, where Dr. Christina Rahm was honored with the “Bright Star” award for her contributions to the advancement of medical science.

In the closing session, “Connecting the Dots: Past, Present, and Future”, esteemed speakers like Dr. Lawrence Krauss and Akhtar Badshah delved into the vastness of the universe and the significance of equity in our rapidly evolving world.

Looking ahead, anticipation is building for the groundbreaking World Changers Power Women’s Summit on October 13th. Co-founded by Prof. Andreoli and Sir Plantholt, this first-of-its-kind initiative at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences is set to bolster women in leadership. Stay tuned for more exhilarating updates on this must-attend event!

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