IASCOOP/WCS 2023/Lina Kay

Lina Kay

Born into a diverse Lebanese-French-Italian heritage, Lina navigated a global journey from Lebanon to the UK due to civil unrest. This globally-minded scholar holds a law degree, a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and is multilingual. Her commitment to peace is evident in her role as an Ambassador for Peace and a judge for the British Foreign Association.

Lina’s influential TV talk show has earned her a place among the world’s most influential women. Her authenticity resonates with audiences, making her programs a success on social media and TV.

A committed peace activist, Lina penned a peace song, “We Can Live Together,” in 2006. Her work for peace was recognized in 2016, when she was invited to meet Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Garden Party.

Innovation is a hallmark of Lina’s career, shown by her creation of Visual Radio, integrating radio with robotic cameras and social media. She continues this innovative spirit, currently developing a 3D animation project to educate children about peace and animal cruelty.

Based in the UK, Lina operates her peace project, Hala London Radio and Television. A champion for balance and harmony, Lina is also a certified Reiki practitioner who devotes time to helping animals.

As we present Lina Kay with the Media Bright Star Award tonight, we celebrate her invaluable contributions to media, peace, and animal advocacy. Lina, your words inspire us all: “We have to live in harmony in order to protect the planet.”

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