And the final award of the evening is bestowed upon a transformative venture, HeirStory, and its founder, a man whom I have the privilege of calling both a dear friend and a brother at heart, Dustin Plantholt. HeirStory, under Dustin’s… Continue reading HeirStory

Prof. Giuseppe Tedeschi

Prof. Daniele Tedeschi, the Scientific Director of Genobioma. With an illustrious background in various disciplines, including neurology, pharmacology, reproductive medicine, endocrinology, oncology, and cardiovascular diseases, Dr. Tedeschi’s contributions to the scientific community have been transformative. His decision, over a decade… Continue reading Prof. Giuseppe Tedeschi

Dr. Artur Koziol

Dr. Artur Kozioł, the dedicated Mayor of Wieliczka, Poland. His leadership of 17 years in Wieliczka, home of the iconic Salt Mine, demonstrates his unyielding commitment to local communities and sustainable development. Dr. Kozioł’s expertise in local services management has… Continue reading Dr. Artur Koziol

Victoria Kennedy

Next, we honor Victoria Kennedy, known as “The Lightkeeper,” a Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author, TEDx speaker, and CEO of Victorious PR. We present her with the Cultural Social Impact Award, celebrating her broad influence. Victoria’s exceptional skills in public… Continue reading Victoria Kennedy

Rowena Gates

Now we celebrate Rowena Gates, an innovator and seasoned entrepreneur at Eng3 Corporation, instrumental in launching the transformative NanoVi technology. A champion of collaboration, Rowena’s groundbreaking Ph.D. work at the University of Washington set the foundation for her impressive entrepreneurial… Continue reading Rowena Gates

Patrizia Marin

As the chairman of Marco Polo Experience, Patrizia’s leadership and expertise have driven the success of this top-tier agency for over two decades. Her impact on international business strategies, communication campaigns, and media relations is truly outstanding. Patrizia’s illustrious career… Continue reading Patrizia Marin

Lina Kay

Born into a diverse Lebanese-French-Italian heritage, Lina navigated a global journey from Lebanon to the UK due to civil unrest. This globally-minded scholar holds a law degree, a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and is multilingual. Her commitment to peace is evident… Continue reading Lina Kay


Now, we celebrate SafeMoon, a global titan under the able leadership of its CEO and founder, John Karony. In an era saturated by the undeniable allure of the blockchain, SafeMoon, through John’s guidance, has explored beyond the surface, deriving purpose-driven… Continue reading SafeMoon

Robert Grant

Robert Grant, a visionary, a pioneer, a disruptor, has proven to be an exceptional figure in the face of the daunting challenge posed by quantum computing. His contribution to quantum-secure encryption is unparalleled and has set the course for others… Continue reading Robert Grant

Dr. Christina Rahm

From her roots in a diverse cultural background, Dr. Rahm has cultivated a unique approach to health, a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. With academic achievements from Cornell and Harvard Universities spanning diverse areas such as Nanotechnology and Nutrition,… Continue reading Dr. Christina Rahm