IASCOOP/WCS 2023/SafeMoon


Now, we celebrate SafeMoon, a global titan under the able leadership of its CEO and founder, John Karony.

In an era saturated by the undeniable allure of the blockchain, SafeMoon, through John’s guidance, has explored beyond the surface, deriving purpose-driven solutions that stand to make a lifelong, positive impact on our society.

As the backbone of SafeMoon, John has successfully transformed this platform into an emblem of creative disruption and innovation that transcends borders, continually pushing boundaries and reshaping expectations. It’s under his stewardship that SafeMoon embodies a principle of not just adopting the cutting edge, but of crafting it from scratch.

The extraordinary creation, the Orbital Shield, an inclusive login system that emphasizes user data protection, is an embodiment of SafeMoon’s dedication to making the digital world safer. This significant achievement is a clear indicator of the organization’s ability to merge innovation with meaningful impact.

In addition, John’s invaluable experience in the US military has equipped him with unique resilience and adaptability, virtues that have been instrumental in navigating the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

Yet, what truly sets SafeMoon apart is its commitment to social change and economic empowerment. The vision of SafeMoon extends beyond technology – it’s driven by the aspiration to utilize this technology as a catalyst for change, better society, and empower individuals.

It is, therefore, with tremendous honor and privilege that we present SafeMoon with the 2023 Innovator of the Year Award. John, as you accept this award on behalf of SafeMoon, we acknowledge and appreciate your team’s audacious innovation, vision, and commitment to using technology for good. May your future endeavors continue to light the way towards innovation, transformation, and social impact. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to you and your outstanding team at SafeMoon.

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