IASCOOP/WCS 2023/Robert Grant

Robert Grant

Robert Grant, a visionary, a pioneer, a disruptor, has proven to be an exceptional figure in the face of the daunting challenge posed by quantum computing. His contribution to quantum-secure encryption is unparalleled and has set the course for others to follow.

Robert’s visionary approach has illuminated our understanding of encryption in a new light. His company Crown Sterling has successfully tackled the vulnerabilities of conventional encryption systems, by ingeniously employing irrational numbers and machine learning algorithms. Their work with One-Time Pad encryption, the only mathematically proven, unconditionally secure symmetric encryption algorithm, demonstrates their commitment to impenetrable security.

Tonight, we are not just honoring a leader but a revolutionary mind that constantly pushes the envelope. Robert’s dedication to secure our digital future is truly inspiring.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with immense pleasure and admiration that I present The Quantum Security Award to Mr. Robert Grant. Robert, thank you for safeguarding our digital lives. Your groundbreaking work continues to challenge, inspire, and lead us towards a safer, more secure future.

Please join me in extending a warm and heartfelt congratulations to Robert Grant, our esteemed Quantum Security Awardee.

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