IASCOOP/WCS 2023/Rev. Monsignore Jean Maria Garvais

Rev. Monsignore Jean Maria Garvais

Rev Monsignore Garvais, your integrity and honor mirror the Gospel’s teachings, inspiring us to foster a world filled with kindness and love. Your steadfast commitment and humble service exemplify our Catholic faith’s core principles.

With profound honor, we present to you a Certificate of Appreciation, recognizing your tireless service and embodiment of the Church’s teachings. This certificate signifies our heartfelt appreciation and deep gratitude for your unwavering commitment.

Rev Monsignore Garvais, you are a living testament of Christ’s compassion and integrity, urging us all to walk the path of empathy. Let us honor Rev Monsignore Garvais, whose faithful example continues to guide us on our journey of faith. Thank you for illuminating our path and inspiring us to follow the footsteps of our Savior.

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  • Mrs. Feta is the Executive Direcetor of the ‘Institute for Advance Studies & Cooperation’ and has also worked for three years at the Ministry of Finance and Economy in Albania in the Treasury Department. She is well acquainted with the financial legislation on which a government operates and with the entire executive process. She also has diverse experience as an assistant lector at “Epoka University”, a jurnalist and researcher at “Albanian Enterprise Institute” and “Gramoz Pashko Institute”.